5 Life-changing Products

Is life-changing too dramatic a call? I guess you could argue that every product you purchase changes your life to some degree. But you know what I’m saying! Below are five products I bought and LOVED (and re-bought). 

Thinx underwear

What is it?

Underwear for your period.

Why do I love it?

  • Periods suck. Cannot over-state this. Thinx underwear makes bleeding sufferable. 
  • They are great for sleeping in (bye bye stained sheets)
  • They are great for working out in (nothing shifting around while you’re doing plyometric lunges.)
  • They are great for sex (nothing kills the mood like the need to remove a tampon)
    And in case you’re wondering – yes, you should have sex on your period. I write about that here.
  • They’re great if you’re not sure when your period is coming.
  • Thinx underwear is much cheaper than tampons, pads and cups because they are reusable. And obviously more eco-friendly. If you have any questions about scent/washing/feel, ask me. I am 100% honest about all things period and Thinx.

Also! Use this link to get $14 off when you buy Thinx underwear. I’ll get $14 off too.

Also, also: They are now available in green. 

 Source: Thinx | shethinx.com
Source: Thinx | shethinx.com

Keep Cup

I’m no eco warrior and I definitely don’t pretend to be. But if it’s reasonably convenient, I’m happy to partake in various movements and products that will keep our environment habitable. One of the eco issues that most bothers me is landfill. Too much shit, nowhere to put it. An easy solution is to re-use items, like your coffee cup.

What is it?

A reusable coffee cup. They’re available in glass and in polypropolene. I went with soda lime glass because it’s a nicer drinking experience. Also very interested in the longplay version, which is even more durable, protects touch and KEEPS YOUR DRINK HOT. My birthday is in October.

Why do I love it?

  • Obvs less landfill.
    If you compare 1 KeepCup to 300+ disposable cups used over a year it represents 86 grams of plastic to 900+ grams of plastic contained in disposables. 
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Pretty.
  • Less illness.
    Having my own cup means I don’t have to use one of the communal mugs at work, which means less chances of catching something. Which TBH was my biggest motivator.

Recycled leggings

What are they?

Leggings made out of plastic bottles.

Why do I love them?

  • They are super comfortable.
    I thought they felt really strange the first time I tried them. To be honest, I put them on, put them back in their drawer and didn’t wear them again until I ran out of clean clothes. I’m so glad I did give them another go. 
  • They are supportive.
    I feel all held-in and contained. This is because they are compressive leggings.
  • They are plain.
    I wear mine to work because they are unadorned, black leggings. Leggings with zips, prints and pockets look too sporty for the workplace, I think. But the black leggings are a happy stand-in for me until Ergonaut starts shipping work pants
  • They are eco-friendly
    Each pair is made from 25 recycled plastic bottles
  • They are reasonably priced. 
  • The company that sells them, Girlfriend Collective, pay their employees well.

You can see them here.

 Source: Girlfriend Collective
Source: Girlfriend Collective

Dry shampoo

What is it?

Hairspray that absorbs excess oil 

Why do I love it?

  • Keeps your hair hydrated.
    Working out every day means sweating every day. Which means… washing my hair every day. Poor, dry hair. Dry shampoo is great because it means you can go for longer between washes.
  • People use it to add texture (beachy waves pls) or volume to their hair. 
  • Some brands cause dandruff or an itchy scalp. Since using Not Your Mothers dry shampoo I haven’t had any issues.
  • It has a lot of other unexpected uses which you can read about here.

My issues with dry shampoo are that it can make your hair grey, doesn’t always improve the ‘situation’ and can feel a bit unclean.
I found that you need to spray A LOT, massage it in and then brush it through. It takes about 30 seconds. But don’t hold back. 
Just because my hair looks alright, doesn’t mean it feels good. I love the feel of squeaky clean, freshly washed hair. I haven’t yet found a dry shampoo that produces this same feel but when I’m short for time or don’t want to subject my hair to another round of shampooing and conditioning, I think it’s a good substitute. 

 Source: Soul Gaze Photography
Source: Soul Gaze Photography

Laundry delicates bags

What are they?
Mesh bags for your laundry.

Why do I love them?

  • First and foremost, they protect my clothing. Lacy underwear or sheer stockings can get destroyed by the washing machine. Delicates bags to the rescue.
  • They make washing easier.
    They stop items like my pyjama pants from wrapping around every other piece of clothing, which means I don’t have to spend forever untangling everything.
  • They keep items together. 
    If you’re sick of sock buddies being separated, stick them in the same bag. 

Laundry bags are a pretty random item for this list but they are such a time-saver, I couldn’t not include them. I used to struggle choosing what clothes to ‘protect’ on laundry day. Then I went and bought six from Daiso (in-store, not online). Now I protect EVERYTHING. 

 Source: I Fucking Hate Housework
Source: I Fucking Hate Housework

That’s the list! Now go change your life and tell me about it. Or TAG ME IN YOUR PHOTO.
Whatever. Either is cool.

Do you have a favourite product that makes your life a whole lot easier? Share below. I love convenience.

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