5 Podcasts That Will Instantly Lift Your Relationship Game

relationship podcast recommendations

Podcasts are the ultimate medium for multi-tasking satisfaction. Now, with this list, you can gain more insight into yourself and improve your romantic relationships, while you:

  • Drive to work
  • Wash the dishes
  • Go for a walk

For more general podcasts recommendations, have a look at a list of my favourites here.

For now, I present you with 5 podcasts that will enhance your relationships and your general interactions. Let’s start with… 

1. Matthew Hussey

What a legend. He might have made a career out of selling advice to vulnerable women. But it’s bloody good advice. Through his podcast series (and also, his videos on YouTube), Matthew Hussey teaches you about healthy boundaries, self-respect, the key factors to creating desire, common causes of relationship breakdowns and basically every other thing a heterosexual woman might need to know. In the podcast series, Matthew responds to caller questions with kindness and candor.

2. Mental Makeover

I’m going to specifically refer you to Episode #3, since this podcast is not strictly about relationships. However, since all of the episodes deal with self love and acceptance, I could argue that they are all relationship focused. For your romantic problems, turn to Episode #3: Breakup with Your Breakup. In this episode, makeup vlogger extraordinaire Lauren Curtis talks in great detail about her own heartbreak. With her usual warmth and positivity, Lauren shares the advice she was given after her boyfriend broke up with her and the specific action she took to help her move forward.

3. Where Should We Begin?

Esther Perel is a renowned relationship expert, particularly well known for her work in extra marital affair counselling (read: cheating). This podcast is a series of raw, unscripted counselling sessions Esther conducted with people going through relationship difficulties. Listening to Esther guide the couples towards better communication provides useful tools for our own lives. The seeming unwillingness of some couples to simply try also serves as a reminder that for a relationship to succeed, both individuals need to prioritise their coupledom over their own need to be right.

4. Dear Sugar

This is a podcast series where accomplished authors Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond give advice to the lost, lonely and heartsick (but also you, who may be none of these things, but will probably really enjoy this podcast).

If the name sounds familiar, Cheryl Strayed is the author of Wild, which became that film starring Reese Witherspoon. She is also a recovered heroin addict, has walked the Pacific Crest trail, worked through infidelity, sexual abuse and her mother’s untimely death. Despite these extreme and myriad challenges (or because of them), Cheryl gives compassionate and radical advice for people struggling with damaged parents, pushy in-laws and careers in thankless industries.

Unlike your usual advice columns, the letters written in are long, very specific and often heart-wrenching and brutal. Cheryl and Steve are equally detailed and thoughtful in their responses. Good listening.

5. Modern Love

This series is not based in advice or counsel but, rather, stories. Articles for the eponymous New York Times column are brought to life by high profile individuals, including Jason Alexander, Jacki Weaver, Christina Hendricks and Stanley Tucci, who tell stories of marital breakdown, counsellors crossing boundaries, fairytale love, cancer and when your partner’s dog sees you naked.

Special Mentions
These podcasts might focus on books, beauty or fitness but they are hosted by partners in business as well as love, who tackle relationship journeys alongside other topics:

  • The Health Code (listen to episode #15)
  • The Skinny Confidential (check out particular favourite – episode #151 when they interview Julia Engel and Thomas Berolzheimer)

I am ALWAYS looking for new podcast recommendations. If you have any that are about relationships or aren’t but are just really good, tell me below 🙂

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