8 Reasons Why Winter Doesn’t Completely Suck

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I know what you’re thinking. We are in Autumn. Winter is coming* but it’s still a month away.

Technically, this is true. But it might as well be Winter. It’s getting colder, the days are shorter and did I mention that it’s getting colder? Fear not, Winter (Autumn) does not have to be an entirely miserable experience.

Yes, there is less going out, less good fruit (berries, mangoes, pineapple), less sunshine, beach days and Vitamin D but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few good things about the colder weather.

(*Try saying that without thinking of GoT).

In no particular order, some things to make the coming months that little bit more bearable:

1. Heater igloos
I realise this one may be slightly unique to my living situation but you probably have your own variation. A heater igloo is when you get a blanket (or better, a doona) and you sit on a ducted heater, letting the hot air expand the blanket into an indoor igloo. When I was little, I spent every morning on the ducted heater. To be honest, not much has changed.

2. Spiked hot chocolate
Or just normal hot chocolate. That’s good too. I’m not an alcoholic, swear it. But Arbory does do an amazing cherry hot chocolate. I don’t even like Cherry Ripes, so you know it’s good. There are so many exotic hot chocolates to try. I still haven’t had Mork’s Campfire Chocolate or Hash’s beaker and fairy floss or Uncle Drew’s variety, which comes with a macadamia-filled brownie. But you know you’ll hear about it when I do.  

Arbory’s spiked cherry hot chocolate

3.  Sleeping in
Yes, you can stay in bed during summer. But is it as good? When you’re all warm and comfy under the covers and it’s all cold and grey outside, bed is the best. On the flipside, getting up to go to work is extra painful in Winter. But this is a list of positives. We’re staying positive people. As an aside: This is the exact reason I created Ergonaut. It’s bad enough having to leave a place of warmth and safety but to have to put on restrictive, scratchy clothing as well? Too much. Ergonaut clothes are like pyjamas you can wear to work. But back to sleep ins: Sundays in Winter. The best. 

4. Movie nights
You’re not going out. You say you are, you might have even showered, bronzed and spritzed yourself with perfume. Don’t be in denial, you’re not going anywhere. The moment you perch on the sofa is the moment you settle in for the rest of the night. Surrender to the temptation early and borrow DVDs from your local store or stream on Netflix or Stan. You don’t have a video store near your house anymore? Sorry my area’s cooler than yours. (It’s not really. It’s very hilly and full of old people. Hence the thriving video store).

5. Onesies.
You get to dress up like a giant bunny rabbit and have it be socially acceptable. On occasion, mine gets an excursion to the supermarket. Also, you get to be warm all night long. You don’t have to layer doona upon doona to try and keep the cold at bay. You just have to put on your onesie and look adorable. My onesie is what would happen if a lamb and a polar bear had a baby.

7. Fire
Not to sound like a pyromaniac but how good is fire. So pretty. So good for marshmallow toasting. Does make me smell like a chainsmoker. But we can’t have everything.  

8. Showers
Like bed, showers are just better in winter. Really, really hard to turn off the water knowing that the icy air outside awaits. But I didn’t say these were long-term strategies for happiness. The other day, my entire bathroom filled with steam, like that episode in Girls. Except no Patrick Wilson. Sad face. I had the fan on and everything but I couldn’t see my own hands. Is this interesting? I’m not sorry.

Not convinced that Winter doesn’t completely suck?

Look, I’m with you. Summer rules. Spring is runner up.

And I’m just trying to make light out of a very dark time.


But seriously, if you do have the secret to getting through winter without getting all grey and gloomy like the clouds outside (pathetic fallacy what) then HMU. I need to know. It’s only going to get colder.

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