Birthday Gifts for the Friend Who Has Everything

witchery white shirt campaign for ovarian cancer

Some friends are particularly hard to buy for, unlike me, who’s a dream.

These friends seem to already have everything they could possibly need, plus all the luxuries they could possibly want, plus an upcoming trip to Japan. So what on earth do you get them?

Perfect gifts for people who already have everything:

Monogrammed purse

A chic personalised purse. It’s exactly what your friend might not already have. I like the black pouch with the gold metal detail because it’s a classic design and goes with everything. But I’m also quite partial to the moss green version because it has a touch more personality while still not being so bold or loud that it becomes its own statement. The monogramming is subtle and free with the purchase ($89). You can also completely customise the look but it’s $128 so I probably wouldn’t.

mon purse personalised gift

Designer lipstick

This was actually a gift a group of friends got me a few years back, and it’s still in use, which just proves what an excellent choice it was. The Chanel website doesn’t actually list the price, which is so unbelievably useless, I’m not going to link to them. Are designer lipsticks free now? Dior also doesn’t list the price on their website. Utterly ridiculous. Also, they are using Jennifer Lawrence as their ambassador, but they’ve chosen a photo of her where her lipstick is smudged outside the lines. I know there’s the whole smudgy smoky eye look but I’ve never quite thought smudgy lipstick said much except ‘I can’t colour in properly’. Here it is for your reference:

jennifer lawrence in smudgy dior lipstick

Regardless, I still love Jennifer Lawrence. Or J. Lawrence, as she is apparently now known.

Here are designer lipsticks that actually list their price:

Estee Lauder
Yves Saint Laurent Gorgeous and also engraveable.

yves saint laurent engraveable lipstick
Ilamasqua For 25% off use this code: LIPS25

Spa voucher

Get your friend an oxygen facial, a seaweed wrap or something else equally delighftul and absurd. The best part about choosing a spa voucher is that they can always opt for a massage or a manicure if they decide that they don’t want to bathe in mud.

Ella Bache



endota spa treatment

Donation in their nameĀ 

Opting to give a donation instead of a gift directly to someone can be a risky move. If you already know that they’re a bit of an altruist or you’ve spoken to them about it before, I’m in favour. If you click this link to PlumpyNut, you will be in favour also.

Otherwise, you might prefer a gift from a not for profit like this bombshell jewellery or a beautiful white shirt from Witchery (100% of proceeds go to Ovarian Cancer research).

ten thousand villages bombshell banglewitchery white shirt campaign for ovarian cancer ten thousand villages bombshell ring

If you feel like they won’t be fussed either way, here are some of my favourite charities:

Because clean water is the basis for healthy living


Because its fortified peanut paste for malnourished babies and the promo pic of the baby eating PlumpyNut really got me good.

child eating plumpy_nut child eating plumpy nut

Australian Health Humanitarian Aid (formerly Vietnam Vision)
Because eyes are so precious and this organisation provides free eye surgery and dental care among other wonderful services.

go to silk pillow case
Silk pillow case

It’s practical, luxurious and prevents wrinkles. Well, the first two are true at least.
Try this pure silk face case from Zoe Foster-Blake’s brand Go-To ($65), which has some of the cutest most appealing branding going around or this mulberry silk Sephora pillow case ($85).

A plant

It’s hard to have too much greenery, especially indoors. Plants are proven stress relievers. I’m a huge plant fan, even though I can’t actually keep them alive. If you’re gifting a plant, make it a resilient species, like this aloe vera. Not only will you friend feel accomplished, she’ll be all sorted if she accidentally catches too much sun and needs some natural skin cooling.

aloe vera plant

Despite Bunnings and Bloomspace having articles about the benefits of an aloe vera plant, neither currently stock aloe vera! So head to IKEA ($12.99) or Gumtree (starts at $5) for an affordable and hardy gift that does well in artificial lighting.

Bath milk

Bath bubbles are cute but what do they actually do? Conceal your nipples when you take selfies in the bath, yes, but that’s basically it. Instead of old school bath bubbles, get your pal bath milk, which is the newer, cooler version of bath bubbles and will actually moisturise and soften their skin. Fun fact: Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, used to bathe in milk. Now your friend, too, can be famous for her love affairs, intellect and leadership of a nation. Or slightly more unique bathroom selfies.

bath milk


Do you have a friend that’s especially hard to buy for? What do you usually get them?

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