Coffee Meets Bagel: Reviewed

It’s no secret I want to optimise my dating. I want to meet extraordinary people while putting in the least amount of effort.  

So when new dating apps come along, I’m always open to giving them a go. Coffee Meets Bagel comes courtesy of a recent date. Sadly, he lives in the Gold Coast. But he had good financial advice and taught me what a lolly cake is.

Based on my experience, it looks like Coffee Meets Bagel hasn’t quite caught on in Melbourne. Let’s talk a look at the pros and cons of this (sort of) new dating app.



·      Unlike Hinge, which penalises you for using the app, Coffee Meets Bagel rewards you for checking in regularly (no guesses why)

·      Unlike Tinder, you can actually filter out people on Coffee Meets Bagel. No more evangelical Christians and chain smokers.


·      It has not earned its space on my phone by delivering me floods of men that are the perfect blend of strong and sensitive. And that space is precious.

·      It’s a desert out there. There are very few people on Coffee Meets Bagel. I was given 8 suggestions that matched my filters and only one of them seemed ok.

·    Coffee Meets Bagel says “online dating can be different”. But it does nothing to really distinguish itself.

·      It brings me no joy

I’ll give Coffee Meets Bagel a few more days to deliver and then, like Two Peas and Plenty of Fish, it will be adios.

In love, like business, you need to diversify. Unfortunately, my battery can only support so many.

Do you have any apps you love? Or dating suggestions? I’d love to attend IRL speed dating but that doesn’t seem to be a thing. Let me know if I’m missing something!

UPDATE: There is a speed dating event on in Melbourne. Feb 14. Bumble is hosting at Hawker Hall. Details here.

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