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Face Halos: An Update

Sometimes (usually) I am too quick to judge.

Anyone who has been following this blog since its inception (I love you), would know that I started out with a review of Face Halos – a reusable makeup remover.

My conclusion was that they were alright but nothing special.

I was wrong.

I currently use my Face Halo a few times a week. I’m not saying it is perfection but it is economically excellent because it is REUSABLE. Buy once, use forever. Practically.

If you buy a standard pack of makeup wipes per month, you’re spending anywhere between $75 and $230 a year. Plus they aren’t eco-friendly. And they feel kind of alcohol-y and gross on your skin. But if you buy a Face Halo, which has 3 in a pack, you can potentially save that money, the environment and your complexion.

Alright, maybe it’s not that significant a saving. If I found $50 on the street I’d have my day made, don’t know about you.

But savings aren’t even the best bit. The reusable microfibre pads are GENTLE. It’s just warm water and the microfiber pad. They get 95% of my makeup off. So I use them and then do the standard cleanse and moisturise after. Actually, I only started routinely cleansing in the last week or so and my skin is sooo grateful but that’s a post for another day.

Previously I wasn’t using Face Halos correctly.

Tips when using your Face Halo:

  • Make sure they are fully damp

  • Hold the pad onto your eyelids (or wherever) for a few seconds before you start wiping around. (Same goes for nail polish remover when taking off varnish FYI).

  • DO use liquid soap to clean them. Originally, I was against using a liquid soap to clean the pad, which would then be on my skin the next day. But I changed my mind for a few reasons: When you clean anything (dishes with detergent, laundry with powder), you clean, rinse and dry. All round, it’s preferable if you’re using something more naturally derived like Thank you liquid soap (the same way I like Modere for my dishes and laundry). Plus liquid soap WORKS. Really well. Halo looks brand-new again. But if you’re super anti-liquid soaps, try different cleansers. When I temporarily borrowed (stole) my sister’s cleanser, I found it did a GREAT job of cleaning the pads. They were basically bleached white. Made me wonder what the hell was in the cleanser…

  • I haven’t had microfiber debris all over my clothes since that first clean in the washing machine. I still put them in a delicates bag to keep them together. HINT: Don’t use softener when washing

In short, if you wear makeup, ignore my last review on Face Halos and actually try them. They’re at Priceline and online.

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