Golden Lattes

I’d seen golden lattes around for a while but I’d never been inclined to try them. They’re turmeric based and you know what else is turmeric based? Curry. Why would I want a drink that tastes like curry? I would not. So for many months, when I saw golden lattes popping up on menus and social media feeds, I was never jealous. There are many things in life to be jealous of, like fast metabolisms and people summering in Europe, but turmeric based lattes is not one of them.

A few week back, though, I was at a new cafe in North Balwyn and I decided to be adventurous. What’s $5 for a new experience? This impulsivity is because I have two mindsets: Skimpy and splurgee. In my skimpy mindset, I won’t buy movie tickets online because there is a $2 booking fee. I will pick up gold coins off the street. I am outraged when my hairdressing salon ups the fee by $15 and doesn’t tell me. My splurgee mindset – often enhanced by strawberry daiquiris – is when I decide money is no object; you can always make more but you only live once. Cue more daiquiris.

So on a splurgee day in Balwyn, I saw golden lattes on the menu and decided to try one. When I googled turmeric lattes, plenty of websites raved about their health benefits.  I also found that black pepper can enhance a lot of the health properties of turmeric. The golden latte at Good Neighbours cafe has turmeric, black pepper, cardamom and honey.

Later on, when I researched turmeric further, I was a little disappointed with my findings. Turmeric is a superfood and has been connected to a whole heap of amazing trial results  like improved memory, reduced muscle pain, fighting infection and better skin. But dosage and frequency are important because turmeric passes through the body. So according to a lot of the studies I read, one golden latte isn’t going to have much of an effect.

If you do want to reap the benefits and make golden lattes your new drink of choice, you might want to know what they actually taste like.

Delicious. No, really. I was a sceptic too. They are a bit like a chai latte in that they are a bit spicy but the Good Neighbours golden latte was definitely sweet and coffee-like. I had mine with almond milk, which was a bummer since they do cool coffee art at Good Neighbours and almond milk is more difficult to froth. But it was worth it because it was so warm and delicious – a perfect comfort drink.

 Good Neighbours coffee art
Good Neighbours coffee art

More recently, I had another golden latte, this time at Pillar of Salt. I went to order it with almond milk. But I was told they usually use coconut milk. I figured they’re the experts, coconut milk must be good in turmeric lattes.

Everything I’d originally imagined about golden lattes came to be true. It was like drinking a curried pumpkin soup. I think the combination of turmeric (found in curry) and coconut milk (also found in curry) created too much of a savoury flavour. Dislike.

Definitely give turmeric lattes a go. But beware, if you don’t like it the first time, it could be that you just don’t like that particular recipe or milk. Also: milk or mylk? I get that mylk denotes it’s non-dairy but sometimes it just feels wanky.

My new plan is to try ALL the milks (macadamia is up next!). How do you take your golden latte? Have you even been game to try?

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