Review: Face Halo

girl with makeup removed using face halo

After falling down the Youtube rabbit hole one day, I discovered YouTube beauty blogger Chloe Morello. More specifically, I heard about a new makeup wipe she was repping. But it wasn’t a wipe exactly. It was a microfiber pad, which she said was safe to use on eyelash extensions. The remover was called Face Halo. Eventually, I climbed my way back out of the rabbit hole, quickly to forget all about the Face Halo and Chloe Morello.

But when I was in Priceline the other day, looking for a new mascara (I buy mascara. It sucks. Rinse and repeat), I saw the Face Halo near the checkout. Just as they’d intended, I picked it up as a last-minute purchase, like that Turkish Delight bar at the Coles counter.

 This post should be sponsored by Cadbury... bloody delish
This post should be sponsored by Cadbury… bloody delish

Side note: If you do not like Turkish Delight, we can be friends. I’ll be able to buy Cadbury Favourites and eat them safely in your presence, knowing you’ll go for all the gross flavours, and I’ll be free to eat the Turkish Delight and Moro. You can have the Cherry Ripe.

Back to review: The pack of 3 was only $30 and since it was reusable, I figured that was decent value. I LOVE reusable. Reusable everything. It’s partly why I’m obsessed with Thinx underwear, which is underwear for when you’re on your period. But enough about underwear, we’re talking about makeup remover.

I bought the Face Halo and tried it for the first time last week. It’s very soft and all you have to do is add water. But I have no idea how it’s meant to be safe for eyelash extensions – you’re supposed to keep those dry* (which is why, sadly, I can’t really do eyelash extensions. I like washing my entire face when I’m in the shower. And I LOVE rubbing my eyes).

*Update: After the first 48 hours, you are actually meant to wet extensions as part of the cleaning process. I obviously didn’t read the instructions…

But does it remove makeup?!?!?

Yes, it does. I’m pleased to report that the Face Halo isn’t some nicely-packaged gimmick. Very nicely packaged. Black and white minimalism – I’m a sucker.

It actually does work. I wouldn’t say it removes eye makeup as wonderfully as, say, Lancome eye makeup remover. But who the hell wants to pay $59 for eye makeup remover? I’m sure some of you do. But not me. I’m cheap. I like Safeway mudcake and reusable makeup wipes.

 Best .40 you ever spent
Best $4.40 you ever spent

What I prefer to do is use the Face Halo to get majority of my makeup off and then follow up with a cleanser. At the moment, I’m using the Modere Skin Cleanser, which uses naturally derived ingredients and no harsh chemicals. To clean the Face Halo, it says to wash with water and soap. I don’t really like the idea of using crappy soap on a makeup remover, which I’ll be using over and over again on my face. So I use a little bit of the Modere Skin Cleanser and it comes right off. But only a little bit. Because cheap.

Don’t do what I did the first time and just rinse the pad clean with water. It’s not enough and it results in stains. Rinse immediately with water AND soap. Bam. Dirt (and makeup) is gone.

The other thing to know about the Face Halo is that it can go in the wash. Sort of. The instructions on the back of the pack recommend throwing it into a “light or white wash cycle as needed”. I put my stained one in the wash, hoping it would take out the purple. Why is it purple, you ask. No freaking clue. I haven’t worn purple eyeshadow in years. Who knows what happens when I get home late? I’m half asleep. It’s a miracle I even remember to brush my teeth.

 Face Halo: Mysterious purple stain.
Face Halo: Mysterious purple stain.

So I put my Halo in a delicates bag in the wash and two things happened:

  • The stains were not lifted
  • It went everywhere

My other clothes (admittedly, not light. But does that really matter?) that went it with the Halo got covered in the microfiber. You can see my purple hoodie, below, which looks like a tissue exploded all over it. I feel like the pad is now clean and fine to use again. But it doesn’t look all pristine and white anymore, unlike his younger brother, who got better rinse-immediately treatment.

 Face Halo: Second child gets the good treatment[/caption]
Face Halo: Second child gets the good treatment

According to the Face Halo website, there is a way to save the Halos you didn’t wash straight away: “If you leave it for a couple of days before washing it will take a little bit more time to release all the makeup.  In this case we like to rub two Face Halo’s together under warm water with some good soap (even a natural dish soap for heavier makeup)”.

So there you go. If you’ve seen Face Halo and you were curious about it but not enough to actually buy – it does work but it’s not totally perfect. For thirty bucks, I think it’s decent. You get something like 200 washes out of the Halos as opposed to 20 makeup remover wipes, which all get used once and then go straight to landfill where they take 100** years to decompose.

You might be wondering: Makeup? What makeup do you use? You are always such a picture of natural flawless perfection. Ha! Well now you know.

**I made up that number. But wet wipes are pretty average for the environment.

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