Gift Ideas for Basically Every Occasion

If you’ve read my thoughts on Love Languages, you already know I think that nothing can replace quality time in a relationship, not even gifts. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to give and receive them! I’m the most excited about gift giving when I’ve been planning a present for months and I know they’re going to love it because it is so personalised, so them. But what if you haven’t written down ‘mint coloured alarm clock’ in the notes section of your phone, six months before your best friend’s 18th?

Then I have you covered. Below, I have curated gifts into all sorts of categories. Whether you’re celebrating your future father-in-law’s birthday or commiserating your best friend’s job loss, there is a token gesture for that. Healthy sustainable relationships aren’t solely focused on material possessions. But gifts can make someone feel loved, thought of and appreciated. (Plus gifts don’t have to be, you know, things. I’m much more creative than that!)

When you run out of present inspo, this is your go-to list for all things gift.

Easter Gifts Ideas for Your Vegan Friend

boobook vegan chocolate easter eggs

10 Actually Useful Housewarming Gifts

aloe vera plant

Birthday Gifts for the Friend Who Has Everything

go to silk pillow case

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